Md. Mehedi Hassan's Research Area and Topics

As an undergraduate student, I am always focusing on generating ideas. I believe that by generating ideas we can find specific solutions of a certain problem. I am working with my honorable supervisors and my professor and they always appreciate my work. I am trying hard in this research field because innovation is not possible without research work. Also, I am leading some research teams and they are working hard with me for doing great. I always seek a good opportunity to prove my research skills and more. 

Finding Problem

For starting any research work, I find problemvwith my domain knowlege

Read Publised Research

Read published research work so that I can put novelty and best idea of my work

Generate Idea

I generate an idea and proposal of my work for preparing my research

Manuscript Preparation

Last of all, I start work for preparing article writing and developing products.

  • My main research domain is bioinformatics. I promised to work on current problems especially on diseases for developing a computer-aided and expert system for preventing this disease.  
  • Novelty and best accurate performance is my main target for developing any study. 
  • Always I try to work for developing a product. I believe that if I can develop a product with my study that will be more impactful for defending the current problems.
  • I am always ready to share my knowledge with anyone. I love to work with a team. I also believe that teamwork is a strong part to develop a research study. 

Need any help from me?

I believe that research is an 'Integrated Community Development' work. If you need any help from me or if you want to work with me you are always welcome.

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